Plant & Equipment

Our key equipment consits of:

  • Electron Beam Welding
  • X-ray & NDT
  • Precision TIG welding
  • CNC & conventional machining
  • Clean Room
  • Heat Treatment

Electron Beam Welding

Work handling - 1.5 ton hoist system to all machines

HSDE 956

  • 150kv x 25kw
  • 2730mm x 2430mm x 1730mm chamber
  • CNC control 1.2 ton capacity

CVE Model RE 3962 EB Welding Machine

  • 305 x 305 x 305 mm work chamber
  • 60Kv, 4 Kw fully programmable with real time weld quality monitoring

HSDE 733

  • 150kv 6kw (fully programmable weld cycle, CNC work movement & real time weld quality monitoring)
  • 2260mm x 920mm x 920mm chamber

HSDE 433

  • 150kv 6kw (fully programmable weld cycle, CNC work movement & real time weld quality monitoring)
  • 1940mm x 920mm chamber, extensions to 3,500 mm


  • 60kv 60kw full CNC control
  • 9200mm x 3350mm x 2740mm

TIG Welding

  • Weldlogic AWS fully programmable weld station With integrated wire feed.
  • 4x Hitachi solid state power 300 Amp.
  • Orbital, Rotary and Linear welding equipment.
  • 1500 mm long Argon Purge Chamber.

Inspection Equipment

  • ABERLINK CNC-CMM 900mm x 600mm
  • TESA Visio 30 non-contact CMM
  • Leica GZ6 – Zeiss  x 500 Stereomicroscope with digital camera
  • DEA Swift CMM
  • Vickers Hardness testing machine
  • Macro & Micro section equipment
  • Mitutoyo Surface Finish Measurement

Machining & Toolmaking Equipment

  • CAD-CAM - 3x SolidWorks 2016, FeatureCAM 5D, DNC, One CNC
  • Matsuura MX-250 5 axis 630x560x510 with pallet changer
  • Doosan Puma MX2000ST CNC Mill/Turn Centre 65mm dia spindle bore x 750mm max dia x 1340mm B/Centres.
  • Mori Seiki Live Tool CNC Turning Centre, SL25Y/1000, 75mm spindle bore 254mm maximum turning diameter x 1000mm B/Centres + Bar Feeder.
  • Hurco VMX42 4 axis table capacity 1270mm x axis x 610mm y axis x 760mm z axis
  • Cincinnati Sabre 750 4 axis VMC.
  • Cincinnati Arrow 500 4 axis VMC.
  • Colchester Tornado 100 CNC lathe, 52mm spindle bore 200mm max turning dia. x 300mm B/Centres and Bar Feeder.
  • Hurco TMM10 Mill/Turn centre - 78mm bore, 400mm swing, 700mm between centres
  • Cincinnati Hawk 250 - 91mm spindle bore 300mm max turning dia. 500mm B/Centres with Bar Feeder
  • Hurco TM6 CNC Lathe, 45mm spindle bore, 240mm max turning dia. 400mm B/Centres
  • Hurco TM10 CNC Lathe, 78mm spindle bore, 402mm max turning dia. 695mm B/Centres
  • XYZ SLX 555 CNC/Manual Lathe 104mm bore 560mm swing, 1750 B/C
  • XYZ Proturn Gap bed c/lathe, bore 104, swing in gap 780
  • J & S 1400 Surface Grinder
  • 2 x Bridgeport Universal Turret Mills with DRO

Non-Destructive Testing

  • 2 Radiography bays with:-
  • AGO 225KV HS System
  • Automatic film processing
  • Fluorescent dye crack detection
  • Air in Water Leak & Hydraulic Pressure Testing to 400bar
  • Leybold Mass Spectrometer & Helium leak detector
  • 4 x Vision Engineering Mantis x 10
  • Stereo Macro ViewerHeat Treatment

Heraeus 650°c oven – 600 x 600 x 600

Clean Room

Class B – Temperature and humidity controlled clean room for assembly and test of critical and sensitive components