Quality control equipment

  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Inspection Equipment
  • General Equipment
  • Macro preparation and digital microscope

Non-Destructive Testing

2 x X-ray bays with AGO 225Kv HS systems and
Automatic film processing including DR digital film system
Fluorescent dye crack detection
Leybold Ultratest UL100 Mass Spectrometer
& Helium leak detector
Microscope, endoscope and optical viewing systems
Tesa Visio 3D non-contact CMM up to x 120 mag
Portable Hardness tester
Surface finish measurement
Digital Part Marker
Pressure Test, Air in Water to 200 psi, Gas to 90 bar, Hydraulic to 400 bar

Inspection Equipment

Amberlink CNC - CMM
Leica GZ6 (Stereomicroscope with digital camera)
ZIESS (Stereomicroscope with digital camera) x500 magnification
DEA Swift Co-ordinate measuring machine
Vickers Hardness testing machine
MAAG gear profiling check machine
Macro & Micro section preparation equipment
Mitutoyo - PJ300 Profile Projector with DRO
3 x Stereo binocular x 10 viewers