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Wide range of material choice including metal combinations not weldable conventionally.

Very low distortion and exceptional weld quality allows parts to be finished machined prior to welding

Welding of dissimilar materials provides choice of using high cost, high performance metals only where essential for performance.

Welding finish machined parts enables the designer to take a modular approach to products, increasing versatility without increasing lead time or inventory.

Post weld machining is largely eliminated, which enables more compact assemblies to be designed.

Component parts for EBW require only standard good quality tolerances and tooling is minimal because of very low heat input and distortion.

EBP has 40 years experience as Europe's leading EBW specialist; use it to help improve your product or solve your problem.


Suitability of materials for EB Welding


  • Low carbon under 0.30% but not free cutting varieties
  • Direct Hardening
  • Case Hardening - Generally fine but case must be removed from joint areas
  • High Carbon above 0.33% Not weldable

Stainless Steels

  • Low carbon stainless steels are weldable
  • Suitable grades 302S25 (EN58A) 304S15 (EN58E) 316S16(EN58J)
  • Non weldable grades are: 303S21 (EN58M) 304S12 (EN58E)
  • Free cutting grades containing silicone are not suitable for welding


  • Wide range of specifications are weldable
  • Non weldable grades have high Copper or Silicon
  • Weldable grades: 1000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 & some 2000 series alloys
  • Can be welded in either the solution treated or aged condition

Nickel Based Alloy

  • Generally all weldable
  • High temperature Nimonics possibly difficult
  • Usually weldable to steel and copper based alloys

Copper Based Alloys

  • Generally all weldable
  • Weldable also to steel and nickel based alloys

Noble Metals

Titanium, Platinium, Zirconium, Niobuim, Silver, all weld weld

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